We love rock'n'roll!

23-06-2015 - 13:16

TITAN is busy getting ready for this summer's many music festivals and sporting event

TITAN has been a part of music summer festivals across the world for many years - and this year is no difference!


At this years Roskilde Festival we have rented out 70 ArcticStore reefers to ensure that all the catering provsions and beverages are kept fresh and cool, or frozen, for the many festival visitors. Roskilde Festival is also receiving a substantial number of Full Side Opening containers for use as mobile shops as welll as some TITAN 4 PEOPLE office/accomodation containers.TITAN are the premier supplier of portable cold storage at 4 major and many minor music events in Denmark this summer.


At the Glastonbury Festival in United Kingdom TITAN is serving the UK’s largest music/arts festival for the third year running and we are supplying a wide range of similar events in many other countries including France, Hungary, Italy and Sweden.


Further summer happenings for TITAN include major International equestrian, golf, motor and water sports events in Germany, Denmark, Sweden and the U.K.