Standard Containers

20-11-2011 - 15:21

Standard ISO shipping containers measure 8’ wide by 8’6” high and come in a variety of lengths from 10' to 45'. We also stock (non ISO) storage containers from 6' to 45'

Domestic storage hire and sales, self storage containers, 1-way rentals as well as new and used container sales worldwide.

TITAN build new containers in China which are then shipped one way to the our markets carrying cargo. Regular colours ordered include; green, grey, red, white and yellow. Easy open high door handles and lock box are standard on most new containers.

Having built up excellent relationships with initial owners, TITAN are able to supply quality used containers in most markets worldwide. Always, normally, sold in wind and watertight condition. For shipping please always request containers with valid CSC plate. Used containers are ideal for domestic storage and shipping cargo.

6’, 8' and 10’ Containers

Several times each year we manufacture these type of containers in China to meet demand for these smaller sizes.

Built using traditional container material and technology these are robust small containers that are ideally suited where there is limited space.

All 3 models include our standard high door handles for ease of use and a lockbox for security locking. Some of the 10’ containers are HC (9’6”) models.

From time to time we also convert new (and used) 20' containers using prefabricated parts.

20’ and 40’ Containers

New and used 20' & 40' standard shipping containers are always available from our worldwide depot network.

For export use as "shippers" we supply used containers with valid CSC plates. For certain countries it is essential that the containers also carry a valid/registered container prefix with the correct check digit.

As a portable storage solution, new shipping containers offer the best value for money. A new shipping container will probably last more than 30 years.

For those who prefer a smaller investment we deliver containers in good used condition that will give years of service with minimal repair & maintenance.

New containers are available in a variety of colours.

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