Hi Cube Containers

20-11-2011 - 13:46

Hi Cube containers offer the addition of 1 feet of extra height. This type of container is available in both 20' and 40' sizes.

20' hi cube containers are usually only available as new units. 40' hi cube containers are much more readily available in used condition.

When used for export packing, Hi Cube shipping containers offer approx 12% extra apace for goods. As road, rail and sea freight often costs the same as a standard container for the right commodities this type of container offers improved economics.

Similarly when storing larger goods, Hi Cube shipping containers are a better solution for this application.

Apart from the external/internal heights this type of container is identical to 20'/40' standard containers.

Hi Cube containers are ideally suited to the construction and groundwork industries. The extra foot of height allows plant machinery to be driven into the container for secure storage overnight.

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