18-05-2017 - 14:07

Another seafood company in Antalya hired 40’ ArcticStore

Preferability of ArcticStore by seafood companies in Turkey is on the increase. Last week, a well- known fish & seafood company hired 40’ ArcticStore fot its site in Antalya. Our client expect to use ArcticStore with long term rental option. Building a steel construction by our client for ArcticStore is an indication of this long term rental. Antalya is such a city with hot and long summer days with high humidity. It is crucial to keep fish&seafood products as fresh and safe. ArcticStore is very convenient even under extreme weather conditions with its strong isolation. Whether it is the hottest ArticStores will maintain Arctic cold its with adjustable temperature range down to -40 C. 


ArcticStores are available with dimensions of 10’,20’ and 40’


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