25-03-2020 - 20:43

due to various news items on the use of ArcticStores during the COVID-19 pandemic 

A message from our CEO

In these very difficult days of the pandemic, COVID-19 is stretching medical service providers across the world in many ways. Whilst medical staff on the front line in every country are working tirelessly around the clock to help those most affected, the result of the virus is sadly a number of deceased patients which vastly exceeds what is within normal parameters in most affected areas. A tendency which is likely to continue throughout this global emergency as morgues continue to reach and exceed full capacity.  


Everyone in TITAN Containers is enormously saddened at the loss of life the pandemic is causing around the world. We are honoured and humbled by the faith placed in us by governments and health institutions across all affected regions. We consider our responsibility and our place in the supply chain of upmost importance during this time of need and we are extremely proud of the help and assistance that our ArcticStores and transport/depot crews are contributing with. We will continue to work closely to support our partners in any way we can, namely those in hospitals and the healthcare sector who are working so intensely hard to save lives. The continued care after death until a time where the funeral can proceed is an integral ingredient in the dignity deserved, and correctly expected, by society.


These are extreme times.


In extreme times, extreme solutions are required. Exhibition centres and office container modules have become provisional hospitals - refrigerated containers, refrigerated road vehicles and even ice rinks have become the temporary resting place for the deceased.


The COVID-19 pandemic is not the first time ArcticStores have been used for this purpose. During less critical times, scheduled hospital refurbishment and repairs to the permanent facilities have been a common cause for our ArcticStores serving as a temporary facility. More recently, acts of terrorisms have also stimulated the use of refrigerated containers to serve as temporary measures in times of unexpected crisis.


There is some discussion about the potential risk for the future use of the same containers for food storage. We do not consider there to be any risk. Our previous experience tells us there is no risk. Manufactured and designed with the clear purpose of being easy to hygienically clean the interiors, ArcticStores are fully HACCP compliant. All units currently on hire for any purpose relating to COVID-19 will naturally be completely cleansed and sterilised before their return to the TITAN ArcticStore fleet when we have collectively beaten the virus. Only authorised institutions such as hospitals have the ability and knowledge to perform a sterilised deep clean which will be required and we are working closely with our partners to ensure all expectations are met before, during and after any hire term concludes, no matter the circumstances.


Future customers need never worry about the cleanliness of the ArcticStore containers we deliver. We would like to thank everyone across the world for following local guidelines put in place which will help us all prevail. We stand together and are proud of our role and the help we will continue to provide.


Layland Barker


TITAN Containers A/S