TITAN deliver to another blue chip customer

20-05-2020 - 21:47

Another global provider of packaging products and services, delivering innovative solutions found ArcticStores to be the best possible storage solution.

Our US west coast team delivered these new 40ft ArcticStores on time to this facility.


The recently arrived from factory new refrigerated storage containers were delivered to Kentucky 19th May. Some of these refrigerated storage containers were required at loading bay height and TITAN "legs" were just ready and waiting. "Legs" rental is so much less expensive than chassis rental. The remainder of the ArcticStores were for ground level storage.


With power efficient, accurate and reliable temperature control, workplace safety features and unique user friendliness, ArcticStores are perhaps the best possible refrigerated storage solution. Read more on ArcticStores


Available throughout the US and worldwide ArcticStores deliver maximum benefits.