Some like it HOT

16-10-2014 - 12:09

Up to 60C and TITAN has the easy answer

Our HOTBOX combines a heavily insulted container able to withstand 90C temperature variance between the outside and inside .380/440V 3 phase electrical heating with fans to create full air circulation within the 20’ or 40’ container supply accurate controlled heated storage environments up to 60C.

Easy opening doors, flat aluminium floors and stainless steel interior panels ensure clean and hygienic storage conditions at warm and hot temperatures.

TITAN’s HOTBOX is perfect for storing chemicals and any products requiring heat to maintain viscosity and for gradual warm up of cold or frozen products. They are also well suited to hot testing of larger components and can even be used as dryers.

For further details please contact your local TITAN office or go to our HOTBOX web page.