31-05-2019 - 14:26

Despite already featuring internal door lock release TITAN adds an escape hatch

Many countries health and safety regulations demand that it is always possible to open a cold store from the inside ensuring that nobody is ever trapped inside. In some countries this rule applies even though there is nobody in the cold store and that the cold store is locked externally!


As cold stores are often used to store valuable products many customers prefer to have extra secure locks in addition to the in-built door handle lock that is standard. The extra lock(s) cannot be openend from the inside creating a sutuation that can contravine the H&S regulations.


To meet H&S compliance, TITAN has included a 700x700mm escape hatch that can only be opened from the inside. This will allow all forms of additional security locks on the container doors whilst maintaining 100% Health & Safety compliance.


Further TITAN has added addition "glow in the dark" health and safety signage.


The first units will be introduced into the market from July this year.


For further information please contact your local TITAN office.