Retail, Catering, Bakeries and American Events - extra portable refrigerated storage space

Supermarkets, hotels, caterers and event organisers are very regular year round customers storing everything from prepared meals to beer and soft drinks.

Our 1-hand opening doors means everyone can easily open and close the door. The internal lights are great attributes for especially these customers who often need to use the temporary cold store after the hours of darkness.

ArcticStores are fitted with door lock and air curtains. A purpose built ramp is supplied unless otherwise agreed.

1000 pints of beer or soft drinks will be chilled by 75F in less than 1½ hours when using the high speed fans.

This fast pull down also ensures fast recovery to set point where the doors are being opened and closed frequently at shows, festivals, concerts and other events. TITAN supply all types of caterers, from some of the world's largest breweries, catering companies to the local boy scouts serving burgers at the town fair.

When you rent do you get something like below? If you don't then call TITAN the next time you need refrigerated storage space!

Cold and Heat testing of components and products

As we expand activities into more hostile environments cold testing of individual components and complete products has become a regular requirement.

Our regular ArcticStores will maintain as low as -40F and are large enough to get a completed car inside for testing. Ultra Freezer will go as low as -76F whilst our HotStores will heat to +140F.

Pharmaceuticals, Drugs, Medicines and Vaccines storage in the US and Canada

Requires some of the highest standards and our temporary cold stores meet the grade. With perfect hygienic storage and effectively zero temperature variance from -40F - +86F throughout the cold store. Both ArcticStores and SuperStores have been supplied to the pharma branch.

We have also supplied 40 ft. Arctic Ultra Freezers built to maintain -76F through out the load.

Many pharmaceutical manufacturing and pharma cold chain logistics companies use our ArcticStore and SuperStores and they have been thermally mapped to ensure compliance.

Fresh and frozen Meat and Poultry storage in the USA and Canada

Australian producers, distributors and outlets can now realise advantage from our temperature controlled storage solutions.

With operating range from -40F to +86F TITAN's 10', 20' and 40' ArcticStores and the bigger SuperStores provide a myriad of opportunities for all involved in the meat industry. From farm shops to the biggest supermarkets and including the meat cold chain logistics operators all require effective efficient and affordable short and medium term mobile cold storage for meat and meat products.

Perfect hygiene, user friendly and 100% affordable our cold stores need to be seen to be believed.

Fruit and Vegetable storage for North American growers and distributors

Improve shelf-life and quality through the controlled fresh air exchange is standard on the majority of the units. Controlled or modified atmosphere options are available.

ArcticStores can also be used to remove field heat from produce. 1000 KG of most fruit types can be cooled by 70F within 2 hours.

Flowers and plant storage

Fresh air exchange improves storage environment for cut flowers and living plants. Our containers have also been used to delay and advance flowering of bulbs and other plants. They have also been used in the production of infant trees and various types of mushrooms - low fan speed reduces plant dehydration.

Seed storage

All forms of plant and crop seeds can be stored in ArcticStores. In the event you need to fumigate please do not do this in refrigerated containers as the gases can cause permanent damage to the container and machinery.

Fresh & frozen Fish and Shellfish, even Tuna storage

Is another common application. Our containers feature hermetic drains and are easy to clean to maintain hygienic conditions in the cold store.

Oily fish are often best stored at -22F to -40F and Tuna even colder at -58F to -76F. ArcticStores operate as low as -40F and our Arctic Ultra Freezer is great for storing Tuna at down to -76F.

Low fan speed at chill temperatures reduces dehydration of unprotected fish during storage.

ArcticStores include 4 hermetically sealing drains, 1 in each corner, in the event you are storing wet fish with ice.

American and Canadian dairy products storage

Most milk and related dairy products can be stored in our cold stores. The precise zone temperature control throughout and easy cleaning of the food grade stainless steel interiors create a perfect environment for all dairy products at manufacturers or through the cold chain that follows.

Industrial materials and products

Modern industrial materials often best stored in at an optimal temperature. This includes such materials as fibres and adhesives but many chemicals need to be kept within certain temperature bands prior to use.

ArcticStores operate between -40F and +86F and for really warm temperatures we have the HotStore that will maintain up to +140F. Ultra Freezer goes down to -76F

Killing bed bugs and other infestations

As we travel more it seems there is an increasing tendency that sometimes we bring unwanted house guests back us! 48-72 hours in a container at -40F and thy are dead as the core temperature of all contents will be well below their tolerance!! Heat over +110F can also be used.

ArcticStores are often used by museums and private people to eradicate infestations in furniture, clothes, bed linen, curtains, carpets, fabrics and even cars!

This can sometimes be performed on our sites.