Our privacy Policy

We value and protect your personal data

We know that data privacy is a top issue today, and we want you to enjoy your interaction with us being sure that we value and protect your personal data. Therefore we hereby inform you of how we handle and process data of private individuals (“Personal Data”).

Here you will find an overview of how we process your Personal Data, the purposes for which we process it, and how you benefit. You will also see what your rights are and how you can contact us.

Updates to this Privacy Policy

As business and technology evolves, we might need to change this Privacy Policy. We encourage you to regularly review this Privacy Policy to make sure you are up-to-date with our policy and how we are using your data.

Under age?

If you are under age we kindly ask you to wait to be a bit older to interact with us or ask a parent or guardian to contact us! We cannot collect and use your Personal Data without their agreement.

What data do we collect?

The Data that you give to us, e.g., when you enter our home page, create an enquiry from the homepage, create an account, make a purchase, contact us, provide feedback, send us an email, call us or contact us via the social medias.

The data that we create - data that is collected automatically when you access one of our websites e.g., IP address, device ID, what browser you use - are only used in order to optimise the homepage user-friendliness and visibility on the web, thus improving the service we provide to you.

Further we collect data including sensitive data you have made available to us with your consent. This data is used for TITAN to reply to your queries and enquiries, give you an offer for a purchase or a rental or as part of a business relation enabling TITAN to provide you with the best offer and fulfil our obligation to deliver you the service we have agreed upon. Such data include your full name, private address, invoice address, contact phone numbers and email- addresses. In order to run a credit check you might be asked for your birthday or provide a copy of a utility bill to establish your private address.

Why do we process your Personal Data?

Besides from the above mentioned, we also process your Personal Data in order to help us comply with the law, to manage our systems and finances, to conduct investigations and to exercise legal rights. We do not sell your Personal Data, exchange or share these with any third party.

However we do need to disclose your Personal Data in certain instances and mainly to the following recipients:

Third parties engaged by us to provide services such as administering websites, applications and services available to you, subject to appropriate protections.

Credit reporting agencies/debt collectors, where permitted by the law and if we need to verify your creditworthiness (e.g. if you choose to order with invoice) or collect outstanding invoices; and
Relevant public agencies and authorities, if required to do so by law or a legitimate business interest.

Transfer of your Personal Data

We may process your Personal Data outside of the country in which you are based (including countries outside the European Economic Area) for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy. When we transfer your Personal Data to other countries, we take reasonable steps to ensure that applicable laws and the EU General Data Privacy Regulation are being followed.

What are your rights over your Personal Data?

Your Personal Data will only be processed for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, or any other further purposes notified to you before the processing begins. If you choose not to provide Personal Data when we ask you, this may limit the services we can offer you. If you share Personal Data with us, you have a right to (i) request access (i.e. to ask us what data we have about you, and obtain a copy), (ii) ask for changes to be made or (iii) to have the data deleted. This can be done by contacting us.
For cookies and similar technologies, you can manage your preferences through our Cookie Consent Tool on your screen and find more information in our Cookies notice.

You can make a complaint

If you are concerned about a possible interference with your privacy or misuse of your Personal Data by us you can contact us to make a complaint. We hope we can satisfy queries you may have about the way we process your Personal Data. However, if you have unresolved concerns you also have the right to complain to competent data protection authorities.

Data security and retention

We use a variety of measures to keep your Personal Data confidential and secure, including restricting access to your Personal Data on a need to know basis and following appropriate security standards to protect your data.

We take every reasonable step to ensure that your Personal Data are only processed for the minimum period necessary in connection with: (i) the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy; (ii) any additional purposes notified to you at or before the time of collection of the relevant Personal Data or commencement of the relevant processing; or (iii) as required or permitted by applicable law; and thereafter, for the duration of any applicable limitation period. In short, once your Personal Data are no longer required, we will destroy or delete them in a secure manner.

TITAN Containers and the relevant TITAN Containers entity in your country of residence acts as “controllers” of your Personal Data that are processed under, or in connection with, this Privacy Policy. If you have any questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy or TITAN Containers’ Personal Data collection and processing practices, please contact us.