UK warehousing and Climate Change Levy

13-09-2015 - 14:06

Saving £’s with Arctic SuperStores

We recently visited a UK customer to hear about their experience after changing to Arctic SuperStore temperature controlled storage.

The customer has 2 SuperStores, each of approx. 80m2 and both are located outdoors at the same site. Both are being used to store extremely high value, often around £ 4 millions,  and temperature sensitive engineering materials.

Previously the customer employed 8 x 40’ standard used refrigerated containers double stacked inside the warehouse.

The customer’s site environmental responsibilities manager was vey informative of their reduced carbon footprint and other positive benefits of changing to Arctic SuperStores:

  • Moving the storage outdoors has released much more than 100m2 of warehouse floor space now in use for typical warehouse storage of other products with increased revenues for the company.
  • The 2 SuperStores (comprising of only 6 x 40’ modules) supply more usable storage space than the 8 x 40’ standard old refrigerated containers.
  • Real savings in the per pallet handling costs through improved space utilisation and now single man operations against earlier 2 man operation due to double stacking.
  • Improved HSE and cleanliness through internal lighting an flat floor instead of traditional T-section floors.
  • With only 4 new technology power efficient refrigeration machines required to maintain temperature this 50% reduction in reefer machines combined with the excellent insulation values of the thermally mapped SuperStores has massively reduced power consumption and in savings on the Climate Change taxes to be paid.
  • Noise levels inside the warehouse have been significantly reduced improving the general working environment.
  • This very conscious customer further collects the de-frost water produced by the refrigeration plant for use as distilled water for topping up the many batteries used in powering the in-door electric pallet trucks and stackers.

Unfortunately it isn’t possible to put exact figures on the savings attributable to the SuperStores but the customer considers these to be very substantial and a major contribution to attaining their Climate Change targets.

For security reasons we show photographs from other sites