Free winter heating from refrigeration?

20-08-2015 - 21:38

German supermarket reduce noise and reap the benefits of renting refrigerated containers from TITAN.

Delivered this week were 9 ArcticStore refrigerated containers with various temperature settings from deep frozen through various chill temperatures for fresh produce.

9 machines aren’t quiet and the customer requested acoustic cabins to reduce the DB emissions to within 24/7 legislation for residential areas. TITAN have been supplying such cabins for more than 20 years but never for 9 side x side! The 2 cabins were constructed at the TITAN Taastrup container centre and delivered to Germany by one of TITAN’s own road vehicles. Our driver and on the road engineer ensured perfect fit in the narrow space between the containers and the adjacent building.

Reefer machines produce a lot of excess heat and in restricted areas with poor ventilation this needs to be removed to avoid over heating. As can be seen in the photos extractor fans and ducting remove this heat. The customer plans to collect this heat and pipe it through ducting into the adjacent building as free heating. Something for nothing by just talking with TITAN.