Rapid chilling - Rapid freezing - very economic

ArcticBlast2 - 8.000m³ air per hourArcticBlast2 - 8.000m³ air per hour

Fast and Furious effect

ArcticBlast2 delivers around 8.000m³ and ArcticBlast 5 an impressive 20.000m³ air per hour.

Doors in both ends - ramps available - internal lighting and man trapped alarm,

Current applications include:

  • Harvested and farmed tropical and cold water fish
  • Meats and meat based products
  • Agricultural produce including fruits
  • "TV diners" or pre-prepared meals
  • Cold plate refrigeration incl. to the pharma industry
  • Can also be used for tempering.

20' ArcticBlast 2 from the opposite side and 40' ArcticBlast5 from both sides.