Portable cold room for online food business and delivery

04-06-2019 - 20:02

Food order online and delivery is a very popular and hot trending for today’s generation. It is very practical and easier way to get fresh and warm food without going out to restaurant. One of the famous online food business had hired our 20ft ArcticStore to store their frozen poultry and meat ingredients to cater their demanding business needs. Spro Solutions are serious and ready to support this new type business to in order for them to thrive to success.

Rent deal of 2 units of ArcticStore with Syariah cleansing service

04-06-2019 - 19:56

Spro Solutions had secured a rent deal of 2 units of 40ft Refurbish Reefer Container from a local manufacturer of food ingredients for bakery toppings and fillings, bakery decoration and powder mixes. In order to distribute their product for Malaysian market, they need to do a cleansing to comply with Halal requirement. This is our first request to do a Syariah Compliance Cleansing which is witnessed and approved by Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (JAIS).

ArcticStore to support local traditional cuisine restaurant

04-06-2019 - 19:51

One of the famous restaurant in Malaysia serving local and traditional cuisine had rented one unit of 20ft ArcticStore from SPRO Solutions. Our 20ft ArcticStore is located at their central kitchen in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.  In order to store their frozen ingredients at -20˚c, our portable cold storage had been chosen to serve customer for efficient and practical way of cold storage.

5 units of ArcticStore supply to Desaru Waterpark for grand opening event

04-06-2019 - 14:35

SPRO Solution manage to secure a rental deal from the popular Desaru Waterpark. We deliver 5 units of Arctic Store to their site. Our product was their solution for extra cold storage for their Desaru Water Park opening event. Their F&B team are very satisfied with our product and it is easy to use and operate. We are continuing to support local business and operation and expand our wings to southern Peninsula Malaysia.

Portable cold room for Seafood business

04-06-2019 - 14:29

We serve a local seafood business to provide rental of 1 unit of 40ft Refurbish Reefer in order to store fresh Tiger Prawn. To achieve quality of Tiger prawn supplied, our customer opted to hire our service for portable cold storage.

Solution for Prestige Covention Center with cold storage services

04-06-2019 - 13:56

We provide solution for one of the prestige convention center in Malaysia for portable cold room services. Customer was having repair schedule for their cold room and decide to hire our services for the portable cold room services. Their chief team are very satisfied with our product and it is easy to use and operate. SPRO continues to support in term of product training and services to help ease their operation and quality.

ArcticStore supply to Famous Hypermarket

04-06-2019 - 13:12

We recently provide temporary solutions for hypermarkets by providing rental of our 2 unit 20ft ArcticStore while our cold room is under maintenance or repair. The rental take two weeks on hire and we SPRO willing to offer our help in a short term notice and short term rental period. Our customer manage to store and transfer all their remaining stocks and products from their cold room into our ArcticStore before the repair/maintenance of cold starts.


31-05-2019 - 14:26

Despite already featuring internal door lock release TITAN adds an escape hatch

New Arctic SuperStore Installed in Christchurch

17-05-2019 - 03:20

Part one of two 4-bay Arctic SuperStores for a grocery importer and distributor.


15-05-2019 - 13:02

40’ ArcticStores for airline catering company

FIRST SUPERSTORE 3 in Vienna -Austria

13-05-2019 - 11:48

As our customer has been renting 1 x Arctictsore 40´, he needs additional cooling capacity ! Installed within 2 days, our customer is enjoying our quick and efficient solution .  

what has 8 doors instead of the normal 2?

10-05-2019 - 15:10

Listening to customers and supplying the best possible solution has always been a TITAN trademark.

opening soon

02-04-2019 - 21:46

Work is almost completed on TITAN latest new self storage and container depot

TITAN Romania delivers its first TITAN4 People!

25-03-2019 - 15:08

Bespoke model with suspended ceiling, ceramic tiles on the floor and internal LED lights, this 2-containers unit will be used as a kiosk for drinks and sandwichs.

TITAN finally arrived to Greece with ArcticBlast

21-03-2019 - 15:28

TITAN Hellas has delivered the 2nd 40' ArcticBlast shock freezer to an important Greek distribution company in Athens. The company already has one ArcticBlast5 from Titan since December and was so happy with the performance that decided to use it to double its shock-freezing capacity.

The Little and Large of TITAN

16-03-2019 - 19:23

New just for fun    

New deliveries in Germany ! SUPERSTORES made in TITAN !

14-03-2019 - 14:27

our brand-new SUPERSTORES have been just delivered in Germany !

Up up and away

04-03-2019 - 09:27

Some jobs need a much larger crane


03-03-2019 - 20:16


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