Market Leading products

With over 4.000 units TITAN are market leaders in the supply of portable cold storage solutions in Europe and Oceania.

There are ArcticStores on all continents including Antartica. Superstores have been installed on other 6 continents.

We deviated from standard reefer containers already in the early 1990's having indetified the need for more sophisticated and suitable refrigerated storage containers.

Since 2008 our ArcticStore brand has expanded with double figured growth per annum (year on year) and continues to grow in both its' established and newer markets.

225m² Arctic SuperStore at a UK food processing company225m² Arctic SuperStore at a UK food processing company

Innovation and Investment

We have continuously improved the ArcticStore model improving user friendliness and customer experience and introduced new products to meet market demands.

  • TITAN designed the SuperStore and introduced in 2011
  • Bespoke models started in 2012
  • Refrigerated DNV containers also commenced in 2012
  • The first UltraFreezers joined the fleet in 2015
  • ArcticBlast was designed and introduced in 2016
  • 2016 first ArcticStore/4PEOPLE combination

We have delivered to in excess of 60 countries and you can order an ArcticStore for "next day delivery" in more than 30 countries!

40' ArcticBlast 5 - 20.000m³ air circulation per hour40' ArcticBlast 5 - 20.000m³ air circulation per hour


In many markets ArcticStores are available for immediate delivery. The other products take a little longer but worst case is around 16 weeks when we need to build.


No CAPEX required! We offer flexible rental terms for all types.

If you prefer to own then we are happy to sell.


Using predominantly marine container refrigeration service is available just about everywhere.

Bespoke models: normal lead-time of 16 weeks from orderBespoke models: normal lead-time of 16 weeks from order

cost savings


New technology refrigeration with high insulation values = lowest running costs.


Your staff will spend less time through user friendliness.


Standard refrigerants are R404A (R452A will drop in for R404A when required) or R134A but we can also supply with R452A or CO2 refrigerants.

Unfortnately the current C02 option has higher power consumption but all our suppliers are working on less environmenatlly damaging options and to replace a machine is bolt out - bolt in! Job done in a few hours.


ArcticStore products are in general ISO/CSC and can be lifted to all types of vessels.

If handling vessel to vessel at sea DNV offshore containers may be required.

◄ Next stop was Antarctica for this TITAN container.

New standard 40' HC reefer container supplied by TITANNew standard 40' HC reefer container supplied by TITAN

Don't need a sophisticated solution?

No worries TITAN can also supply new and used#1 standard shipping reefer containers.

#1EU environmental legislation limits our options to supply used refrigerated containers.

New or used?

Long term new will always save you money due to lower running costs.

We look forward to hearing from you

ArcticStore™ is a brand of TITAN Containers A/S.

ArcticStore™ and Arctic SuperStore™ names are registered Trademarks.