What is blue with yellow blocks - and can lift a container six storeys high?

03-03-2021 - 13:41

Introducing our new Hyster container mover supplied by ProTruck.

State-of-the-art container handler - and the first of its kind in Denmark - delivered by ProTruck at TITAN Containers.



An investment in the future

With our newest investment in a new Hyster container handler, TITAN is well prepared for meeting the future demand and development within the container business. The new Hyster truck also comes with increased safety features and focus on the drivers comfort during their daily work.


At TITAN, we are looking forward to be working together with ProTruck in the future and so far, we have been very pleased with process of ordering our newest container handler.



Some technical infomation about the container handler:

  • The truck can lift containers six storeys high.
  • The modern Mercedes-Benz Stage V-engine ensures good fuel-economy and an up to date-environmental profile.
  • The new Hyster XD cabin is placed to ensure a good visibility for the truck driver.
  • It has air conditioning with a built-in dust filter, sun blinds, built-in electric heating - for optimal driver comfort.
  • It has a central lubrication system.
  • Hyster BlueSpot safety lightning features.


Below is a video from when ProTruck delivered our new container truck at our depot and head office in Taastrup.