Who ate all the Pies?

07-12-2016 - 10:31

Another 2 bay 40 ft. SuperStore sucessfully installed

Founded in 1981, Crantock Bakeries are an award winning manufacturer based in Cornwall with over 30 years in the bake-off sector. The BRC 7, Grade A certified site, now produces on average 500,000 food products a week.

Today, Crantock creates and manufactures an increasingly diverse range of food products including pasties, pies, sausage rolls, hot pot meals, toasted sandwiches and wraps.

TITAN have just installed a 2 bay 40ft Superstore to assist with cold-chain efficiency on-site.

The increased width over a standard trailer/container allowing for easier picking of chilled products whilst consuming substantially less power at the wall.

The company are considering an additional Superstore in their future expansion plans for 2017.


Learn more about our SuperStores here.