Budapest – Vespa Moped Salon in just two weeks

25-04-2016 - 08:41

A modern and trendy Vespa moped salon was created in downtown Budapest in April converting 10 x 40 foot used containers into modern showrooms, a back-office and a warehouse.

This visionary owner made the decision to open an upmarket moped salon in the city of Budapest using 40 foot used containers, this was achieved in record time at an affordable price. TITAN supplied 10 used 40 foot containers to the site and contractors then converted them into a trendy, upmarket Italian moped salon within two weeks.

Cutting the sides out of the containers they were able to create spacious interiors: showrooms, sales and back-offices and storage for spare parts. Floor-to-ceiling store windows were installed on the outer facade of the construction that together with the designer outer and interior paintings and molinos – created a modern, trendy installation full of light this innovative building will be the first upmarket moped salon in Budapest made entirely of used containers.

TITAN is proud to be part of innovations like this enabling local companies to create trendy but still affordable solutions throughout the world.

In TITAN we don’t see problems only solutions.

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