Insulated containers

12-03-2014 - 14:29

TITAN supply insulated containers from 6' to 40' in length. There are several alternative models depending upon the application.

Flexbox - factory insulated steel containers:

Series production of 20' insulated containers with 50mm mineral wool insulated internal and door panels and polystyrene sub-floor insulation. Painted flat corten steel interior panels and plywood or bamboo flooring.

Insulated standard containers:

Typically (new) standard containers insulated with mineral wool (50/100mm or as you require) between a wooden framework. Plywood or alternative material internal and door panels. Sub-floor insulation with polystyrene or as you determine. We offer 8', 10', 20' & 40' models including HiCube, Side door and double door. 

New & used refrigerated containers:

Constructed with foam insulated sandwich panels with almost flat exterior and flat stainless steel interior wall and steel frame reefer containers have a significantly higher insulation value than other models. Flooring is typically T-Section aluminium but we offer a selection of alternative overlays to best suit your intended use. Available as 20' & 40' - new or used .

Electrical installations and accessories:

All types can be supplied with or with electrical fittings and other accessories.