TITAN Containers - 10 Tips To Avoid Paying Fraudsters & Scammers

29-03-2023 - 12:51

An increasing number of people worldwide, particularly in the US, Australia, and New Zealand, have been victims of fake companies offering containers for sale. In many cases, these fraudsters use the TITAN Containers’ name or the name of other reputable container companies, photos, and trademarks in advertisements on social media channels and on their websites to help make their “business” look legitimate.

We have engaged service providers who have already taken down many sites and who will continue to take down future fake websites using TITAN intellectual properties. We always report fraudsters to local authorities.

However, this task has proven to be challenging. These fraudsters are extremely fast in starting new websites once their previous websites have been taken down and most recently have avoided infringing TITAN’s intellectual properties meaning we cannot have the sites taken down by our service provider.



The container business has proved to be an attractive business to fraudsters due to high container prices resulting from the great demand and low supply of containers worldwide. The fraudsters rely on this to attract customers by offering very low prices, purportedly from the biggest names in the container industry (like TITAN) or pretending to be partners of such companies. The victims all report being attracted by extremely low prices; then, they make payment to what they believe is a legitimate container seller only to realise they were scammed after not receiving the container or any refund.


If you are interested in buying a container of any type, please beware of very low prices or anything else that seems too good to be true. Container prices only vary a little between all real companies, so at half price or even less, you can be 100% certain that you need to check and check again before risking your money.


Here are the top 10 TIPS to help you spot a scam and run away from it:

  1. Are their prices significantly lower than other prices you have seen?
  2. Can the sale be arranged entirely via text messages or social media?
  3. Do their websites show photos of containers with their company name on them? Or are they just some random stock photos?
  4. Can you find customer reviews for that business on Google or Trustpilot like ours:

  5. Does their email address include their company name, or is it a generic “Gmail” address or one that is just letters and numbers?
  6. Do they require payment in advance? This is the only way they can scam you. Another common trick is to give incorrect bank details, so your funds are returned the first time. If you then follow the new instructions, your money will be lost!
  7. Don’t engage in buying from www. This is not a service offered by most reputable container sellers. Only purchase from the www if you have checked 100% of the seller’s credentials or have previous successful transactions.
  8. Please note TITAN Containers will NEVER:
    Complete a sale, confirm payment details, or take payment through text messages, Facebook, or other social media platforms. We can answer general questions about our containers on social media, but that is all.

  9. TITAN Containers will NEVER: Use any email that is not @tcmail.eu, @titancontainers.com.au, @titancontainers.com, @titancontainers.co.uk, @titancontainers.co.nz. You can always check who owns a URL on the www to ensure it is a real company.
  10. TITAN Containers will NEVER: Use sales agents or non-TITAN companies to sell or rent our containers.

We are here to help you.


To find us google TITAN Containers and look for TITANContainers.com or our other extensions that include; .us .co.nz.co.uk.com.au.at.de.com.br etc

If you get a quote, call or email from a container company that you are suspicious of,
please feel free to contact us.


We will be happy to assist.