User friendly Container Accessories

When HIRING OR renting from TITAN we offer a wide range of accessories making the container even more user friendly

Please enquire about useful accessories when ordering containers.
Below are some of the most common products:


Support legs

Purpose built to support 20’ or 40’ containers at loading bay height. As the container is self bearing up to the maximum gross weight permitted there is no need for additional support. It is not recommended to use pallets for this purpose.

Acoustic Cabins

Almost all refrigerated containers have an average DB reading in excess of that permitted in residential, inner city or other locations with the strictest controls. Our acoustic cabins reduce average DB emissions permitting 24/7 use in all areas.


We offer a wide range of ramps to facilitate easy loading/unloading of goods when the container is located on the ground. Our standard ramps' dimensions suit small/medium pallet lifters and lighter traffic. We also supply heavy duty ramps for FLT operations.


Various types & sizes of shelving kits are available.


When stacking containers it is recommended to lock them together.