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ArcticBlast2 - 8.000m³ air per hourArcticBlast2 - 8.000m³ air per hour

Fast and Furious effect

ArcticBlast2 delivers around 8.000m³ and ArcticBlast5 an impressive 20.000m³ air per hour. Doors in both ends - ramps available - internal lighting and "man trapped" alarm are standard.

Current customer applications include:
  • Harvested and farmed tropical and cold water fish
  • Meats and meat based products
  • Agricultural produce including fruits
  • "TV diners" or pre-prepared meals
  • Cold plate refrigeration incl. to the pharma industry
  • Can also be used for tempering.

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ArcticBlast2 alternative side

ArcticBlast2 alternative side

ArcticBlast5 machine side

ArcticBlast5 machine side

ArcticBlast5 alternative side

ArcticBlast5 alternative side


ArcticBlast 5, maximum effect approx. 76.000 Kcal/hr. or in excess of 300.000 btu/hr.

The combination of airflow and effect determine the speed at which produce transfers heat to the passing air. Realisable air flow is determined by the static pressure and power supply. 60 Hz power increases the air flow by more than 10% compared with 50 Hz. On the basis of averages the air flow with high fan speed is more than 20.000 m³ per hour - with TITAN software high fan speed can be maintained at all times. With low fan speed (from minus 5°C) the air flow will reduce to approx. 10.000 m³ per hour.

What does all this technical jargon in reality mean?

In short whatever you place in an ArcticBlast 5 will chill, and if required then freeze, in accordance with another scientific equation based upon the effect above and produce temperature and the produce’s Kcal values. All produce have their individual values that influence the speed of temperature loss or chilling/freezing process.

Flexible sizes from 10m³

The temperature reduction zone of a ArcticBlast 5 is more than 20 m² – with pallet footprints of 1.2 m² (UK) and 0.96 m² (EU) the realistic pallet capacity for fastest results, including free space for air circulation, is max. 14 EU pallets.

Smaller ArcticBlast sizes/ lower effect models are available. For 3 pallets a standard ArcticStore 10’ will work quite well with rapid chilling and even blast freezing small volumes.

Rapid chilling – fruit and vegetables:

Calculated on average values 20.000 KG of fruit or vegetables will reduce by 1°C each 20 minutes or be cooled to +5°C core temperature from 30°C in approx. 8 hours.

Blast freezing meats:

Different meats also have different thermal loss values; the greater the fat % then the faster the heat loss.

Again using averages 20.000 KG at (+5°C) of high % fat beef will be frozen to -18°C core temperature in approx. 22 hours whereas lean beef requires almost 30 hours. Typically meats take between 1 hour and 1½ hours per 1.000 KG from +5°C to core temperature of -18°C.

Some more facts and figures:

• Air supply from refrigeration is at floor level – produce needs to be palletised or in cages.
• More than 80% of the blast freezer length has direct air flow
• Average maximum distance for air travel in 5 models is approx. 6 meters
• Fans at high speed circulate the air in the blast freezer almost 150 times per hour or approx. every 24 seconds
• ArcticBlast 5 requires 5 x 32A 380/440V 50/60 Hz power supply.

Packing density:

As with all blast freezers and rapid chillers actual performance is also determined by packing density. For the fastest results there needs to be airflow over the greatest possible surface area of the produce.

ArcticBlast ‘n Store

We also offer the combination of blast freezing (rapid chilling) and storage under 1 roof with single or multiple access doors direct from the storage area to the “blast” zone. This combination is available with the ArcticBlast 5 with from 25 m² connected storage.


With ArcticBlast you can also perform tempering. With standard heaters an ArcticBlast 5.1 will deliver 26,25KW effect. 20.000 KG of ham would be tempered from -18°C to +2°C in approx. 49 hours. Heating effect can be increased through extended heaters and this would reduce the required time to approx. 34 hours.

Connect to a building

ArcticBlast (and Blast ‘n Store) can be connected to an existing building with a connecting tunnel. We can even install inside an existing building always provided the dimensions permit.