Refrigerated Containers and Freezer Containers – Titan Containers, Hjem-Is and Premier-Is work together to keep the ice cream cold

17-05-2021 - 17:04

“We never know when our season will get going and in this regard TITAN CONTAINERS is extremely flexible”, said Thomas Rude Hornum 

When hundreds of thousands of ice lollies need to be kept cold

TITAN Containers, Hjem-Is & Premier IS work together to keep the ice cream cold in the summer heat. A long-standing collaboration built upon shared knowledge, trust, and quick delivery.  


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The Sales and Depot Manager in Hillerød, Thomas Rude Hornum says  


“We never really know when our season will get going and this is where TITAN Containers is extremely flexible”.  


Right now, there are 4 ArcticStore freezer containers at the Hjem-IS and Premier IS 'depot in Hillerød filled to the brim with ice-cold delicacies.


At TITAN Containers, we offer simple and flexible container rentals tailored to customer needs. Our ArcticStore reefers have temperature control from -70 ° C to + 45 ° C giving our clients the option to avail of an ultra-cold freezer facility or even simply cold rooms.  All our versatile containers come with the latest tech-savvy systems that provide energy efficiency. We are therefore able to offer refrigerated or freezer container rentals at truly affordable costs. As part of our product enhancement and features, we offer SmartArctic, which gives our clients a live stream to monitor and control their ArcticStore container from anywhere and at any time.


Our refrigeration & freezer containers are perfect for food and catering, pharmaceuticals and pharma, biosciences and life science applications. 



TITAN Containers & Hjem-Is Samarbejde


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