hire and sale of 20ft 40ft ULTRAFREEZER

ultra cold storage containers

Increased insulation & special machinery for -40°C to -65°C storage

Unlike all other Arcticstore models for hire and sale, due to the extreme low temperatures the UltraFreezer retains traditional shipping container design features like the "T" section floor and normal refrigerated container doors.

The containers have additional insulation and due to properties of the normal stainless steel internal panels are replaced with aluminium chequerplate.

Developed for the transport of valuable Yellow and Blue Fin Tuna the storage of Tuna is a common use for these specialized refrigerated containers. There are also several niche applications in particularly dairy and pharmaceutical industries.

Due to the ultra low temperatures these are potentially dangerous for workers. All due care and attention should be taken when using these containers. Since 2019 TITAN has included, high door handles for ground use, man trapped alarm and an escape hatch.