New 3 Bay SuperStore arrives in Norwich

14-01-2016 - 17:42

The first in East Anglia

After months of consultation with our client and site visits to ensure site suitability, the first new 3 bay 40ft SuperStore has been delivered and commissioned.


Delivered using TCT11, the latest addition to the TITAN UK truck fleet, the successful installation began.


Prior to delivery our client had prepared the site and fitted laser levelled concrete pads to accommodate the superstore and ensure a smooth installation.


An added aspect to this delivery was that this unit had to be fitted into the client’s warehouse wall allowing them access to the store from inside their warehouse, using our in-depth consultation and experience we were able to meet the client’s specific requirements.


Our client is very happy with the successful completion and that it was carried out in good time. They are very impressed with the product overall and our ability to meet their specific needs.


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