Another happy customer!

16-02-2016 - 09:09

TITAN's ArcticStores called upon to further support a premier cake & biscuit company in Turkey

TITAN Containers are proud to announce that a premier cake and biscuit company in Turkey are so happy with the quality and reliability of our ArcticStores that they have ordered a further 7 x 40’ ArcticStore units to support their business.

Two of the 40’ ArcticStores have already been delivered and are in place, with the final 5 x 40’  ArcticStores being delivered in May 2016. These units will fit smoothly into this customer’s operation alongside the 5 x 40’ ArcticStores which have been successfully in place for over a year at some of their other sites.  

ArcticStores offer the best portable storage solutions, with reliable temperature control, power efficient cooling systems and user friendly tools.  

Read more about ArcticStores here.