Investing in Bristol

16-02-2016 - 09:44

Just a year after acquiring Avon Site TITAN invest in larger depot and workshop facilities

During 2015 business activity in our Container Centre in Bristol increased significantly.  With around 40% more sale and rental containers passing through the depot and 2 new 40’ HIABs (with larger cranes) were added to the road fleet. 

With our combined business interests the St Andrews’s Road site was too restrictive and we are currently in the process of relocating the offices, container storage and repair services as well as the extensive container and site unit modification and refurbishment activities to:

                TITAN Containers, Third Way, Avonmouth, BS11 9YA – see map.

We anticipate that the new facilities will be 100% operational within the next month with the office and workshop facilities following shortly thereafter. It is expected that our new 552 m2 workshop will lead to an increase in production levels and workforce during 2015 as the already significant product range is extended to include new welfare and site accommodation containers and modules.

The existing Andrews’s Road site adjacent to the Avonmouth Dock roundabout will now be used primarily for Self Storage with new containers and 24/7 customer access.  

More information about our Self Storage sites here.