Storage of fresh and frozen fish, shrimps and shellfish including high value Tuna like Yellow and blue Fin

TITAN supply refrigerated storage solutions to the fishing industry around the globe and increasingly in SE Asia. Our ArcticStore range of reliable and economic reefers are in daily use at fishing ports, Salmon, Shrimp and Tuna fish farms, markets and at consumer outlets.

All our storage containers containers feature reliable and economic refrigeration, many user friendly safe work-place attributes flat floors and hermetic drains for run-off water. They are easy to clean and to maintain hygienic conditions in the cold store.

Oily fish are often best stored at -30/-40°C and Tuna even colder at -50/-60°C. ArcticStores operate as low as -40°C and the UltraFreezer will reach -65°C. Low fan speed at chill temperatures reduces dehydration of the stored fresh and on ice "catch of the day" and saves power.




Rapid chilling and blast freezing fish

Our mobile ArcticBlast rapid chiller and blast freezer is very popular with the fishing industry.

Bringing the catch to the best temperature fastest possible enhances the quality and ensures the best market prices. We offer 2 and 5 machine models depending on the normal required volume and if chilling or freezing.

For chilling to +5°c the 2 machine model can manage around 34T per 24 hours and 5 machine model around 85T per 24 hours. Freezing to -30°C and the figures are around 5.5T and 13.75T per 24 hours. Actual performance is determined by type of fish, how it is packed, desity of the fish and other factors. These idications are based on the physics of reducing temperature and customer reported experience.