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20th December 2019

Kirk Kapital partners with TITAN


Kirk Kapital acquires 30% of TITAN Containers A/S. Kirk Kapital is a family-owned investment company, owned by the Kirk Johansen family. The Kirk Johansen family is the descendants of Ole Kirk Christiansen, who founded LEGO. Kirk Kapital manages approximately DKK 8 billion (EUR 1.1 billion), which is invested in Strategic Investments and Financial Investments.


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Founded by Layland Barker in 1987 TITAN has become perhaps the largest privately owned company supplying shipping and storage containers for a vast multitude of applications. TITAN’s initial goal was to pass on the advantages of high volume with providing end-users with top quality containers and services always with competitive pricing. Today, more than 30 years later, TITAN maintain the same targets, operate six brands and is able to offer worldwide services with a network that is possibly the best in the market place.

The emphasis of the business has always been on storage applications. Aside from gaining logistic advantage, TITAN is generally not involved in the international container-shipping sector.

In 2010, TITAN changed course with 180 degrees. We had been a trading company buying and selling with a rental fleet. We transitioned to a rental business that also trades new and used containers. This turnaround has dramatically changed TITAN over the past 8 years.

Renting shipping containers for STORAGE is TITAN’s core business! In particular, our ArcticStore™ range of refrigerated storage containers has elevated TITAN to market leader in many markets. More recently, the expansion of our self-storage sites recorded almost 100% growth in 2018. It also supplements our customer site dry storage rental activities.

We also participate in supplying many standard ISO shipping containers for logistics and project shipments.

Our expertise in refrigeration opened the door to refrigerated DNV offshore containers and for several year’s we have been market leader in Macaé, Brazil. From our office and depot, we service many of the catering companies and offer other DNV container types to the market.

In a few markets, TITAN 4PEOPLE is developing container based construction and modular accommodation.

To service our business interests we operate more than 14 own container depots and operate own transport services with 14 container vehicles based in 4 countries.

In 2017, TITAN entered the Danish Gold 1000 and was previously a multiple Gazelle winner over several years. Furthermore, the founder/CEO Layland Barker was nominated for several business awards including “Årets Ejerleder” and three consecutive years for “Entrepreneur of the Year”.


“At TITAN, we work towards finding the best possible solution to meet our customer’s needs."

We are an ever-evolving company, we are continuing to invest in new container and human resources in order to constantly expand our services and expertise. We are constantly working on raising the bar even higher against our competitors. We are striving to be the best, not only in our core business but in every business we operate.


"Our mission is to provide the best possible services for our customers and partners, to create long term customer/supplier relationships worldwide and a strong network generating a rock solid foundation for our businesses. We expect to remain a strong and qualified supplier of container services in a global market."


We might be new in Trinidad and Tobago but with more than 30 years experience and our extensive and superior product range combined with our long term business strategy brings a new dimension to particularly the cold storage business in Trinidad Tobago.

Storage containers are used by just about all commercial and private sectors. We offer the full range of container types and many of these in new 1-trip condition or as used 2nd hand containers.

Further we have range of DNV containers for offshore exploration and production sector.

Our refrigerated/temperature controlled storage services are extremely user friendly, very new with power saving refrigeration and affordable. They are well suited suited to the following business segments or industries need for reliable cold storage from -60C to +30C: