all at sea

11-04-2017 - 18:50

TITAN install office space for offshore wind farm project 

TITAN has a long history of working with land based and more recently the offshore wind segment. Over the years thousands of TITAN's containers have been used on green energy projects around the globe.

The TITAN 4PEOPLE offices seen here along with various 20' standard, side door and open top storage containers have been modified for use "at sea" and the project also includes 10' DNV offshore containers tested and certified for handling at sea. We understand the 10' DNV containers will be lifted up alongside or perhaps even onto the windmill towers during construction. A team from TITAN's UK centre for 4PEOPLE product line in Bristol prepared and then installed these offices on the ship.

It is expected that this is just one of many similar European contracts for TITAN in the months and years ahead and the expertise gained in Europe will be available around the world through our global network.