Fruit and Vegetable storage for growers and distributors

Improve shelf-life and quality through reliabe accurate refrigeration and the controlled fresh air exchange that is standard on the majority of the units. Controlled or modified atmosphere options are available.

Our portable rapid chiller and freezer has many applications including removing field heat from all types of crops. TTITAN supply wineries with refrigerated containers at harvet time. Pre-chilling the grapes improves the quality when subsequently pressing the grapes. See ArcticBlast

Cut flowers and plant storage

Fresh air exchange improves storage environment for cut flowers and living plants.

ArcticStores containers have also been used to delay and advance flowering of bulbs and other plants. They have further been used in the cultivation of infant trees and various types of mushrooms.

Operating with low fan speed reduces plant dehydration and saves power.

Seed storage

All forms of plant and crop seeds can be stored in ArcticStores.

In the event you need to fumigate please do not do this in refrigerated containers as the gases can cause permanent damage to the container and machinery.