Kill bed bugs and insect infestations

Erradicating bed bug and other infestations from clothing, furniture, fabrics and even cars without chemicals!


Bed bugs can be much more than an a simple irritation. High levels of infestation can often result in skin rashes and other unpleasant experiences. Over the past years we have experienced an increasing demand from private individuals, boarding schools, museums, hotels and institutions looking to exterminate all types of fabric infestations. More information about bed bugs

Before taking the easy way and using TITAN Containers Cold Storage Services to get rid of bed bugs, you could try reading this article to identify and work out How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs at home yourself.



The quick facts

  • Where possible the possesions should be in large bags/boxes
  • Depends on the volume, we recommend 5 days
  • Your valuable effects will be frozen to -30/-40°C over 4 days
  • This ensures the core temperature is minimum -30°C.
  • All the bed bugs, and their eggs are exterminated!
  • 5th day we warm your possessions to normal temperature

NOTE: Cars are only frozen to the level of your anti-freeze
and with the battery removed


@ TITAN sites

We expanding this services to all suitable sites. At present we offer this service in:
  • Caxton, Cambs.
  • West Thurrock, Essex

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@ your site

We deliver the portable cold store to your premises - please note that this service requires 3 phase 380/440V power supply.

SmartArctic remote control 24/7

We can monitor and control your storage container and download data from the datalogger with your computer, laptop and/or device from wherever you are and when ever you want.

Just in case, SmartArctic also delivers alarms.