With more than 30 years experience and offices around the globe no other supplier of affordable new and used shipping and storage containers is better qualified for your business than TITAN.

Offices and own depot faciities in key locations help ensure same high service from New Zealand to the Americas.

Storage containers are available for hire and rent from many local depot locations in the more that countries where TITAN operate domestically. The local product range varies to suit the market demands.

6', 8' 10', 20' and 40' clean and dry steel storage containers are available in most countries. Full side access, containers with doors in both ends as well as insulated containers are also often included in our local portfolio of storage container types.

We use mostly new containers for local storage and lockbox or alternative security locks are available. User friendly high door handles are almost standard.

Private and commercial customers, the hire of one or many containers, all are welcome.

Shipping containers can be supplied globally.

  • 20' & 40' standard dry van

  • 20' & 40' high cube

  • 20' & 40' open top

  • 20' & 40' flat rack

TITAN specialise in 1-way leasing and supplying containers for project shipments. Global pick up and global returns including special container types. For IMO shipments we supply new 1-trip containers.


We offer a wide range of DNV offshore containers and CCUs for hire worldwide. Many types are avaible for prompt pick up from our depots.

  • 5' - 6' - 8' - 10' - 20'

  • CCU - Open Top - ½ height - Hard Top - Reefer



The ArcticStore range - Market Leader in mobile cold storage solutions.

10', 20' and 40' ArcticStores are extremely reliable and very cost efficient running together with great user friendly attributes improve users experience and economy. Day to day availability in most TITAN countries.

Our special products include SuperStores; extremely flexible and economical large open plan cold stores, ArcticBlast for rapid chilling and freezing and the UltraFreezer for operating down to minus 65°C.

The health and safety attributes in all our products improve the workplace compliancy.

We supply with R134A, R404A, R452A or CO2 refrigerents. Our R404A machinery is 100% compatible for later change to EU compliant refrigerent

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Hot storage

Many ArcticStores can heat to 30°C. Our HotStore will heat to in excess of 70°C with thermostat control and air circulation!

The container has the same insulation values as an ArcticStore.

We also offer mineral wool insulated steel containers fitted with heaters for lower ambient temperatures.

Visit our dedicated page Hot Storage Containers



From stand alone office modules to a temporary or permanent office complex with all facilities.

TITAN 4 PEOPLE have a wide range of products and solutions suited to the local market standards and norms.

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