Modern technology refrigeration

The vast majority of the TITAN rental fleet have the reliable, economic and well proven TK Magnum PLUS or Daikin LXE refrigeration systems.

Power consumption is very similar and both provide fast pull down and economy operations. TITAN tailored software ensures best possible practise at all temperatures and all equipment types.


Standard refrigerant today is R452A (existing R404A is being replaced by R452A drop in on fleet units) or R134A but we can also supply with CO2 refrigerants.

Unfortnately the current C02 option has higher power consumption but all our suppliers are working on less environmentally damaging options and to replace a machine is bolt out - bolt in! Job done in a few hours.


Thermo King and Daikin maintain worlwide service networks.

There are a few places not covered like Antarctica where this 20' ArcticStore with Gen Set was being delivered. Spare parts kits are available when operating in areas without network cover. ►

Power efficiency =
lower running costs

All the same benefits and user friendly attributes just with even better power savings


Always striving to improve our products the most recent production of 40' HC ArcticStores feature approximately 30% additional insulation. As TITAN continue to expand, especially in warmer climate zones, we called these ArcticStore TROPICAL.


Extra power savings


Empty container factory tests indicate15-20% less power was used to reduce the air temperature from ambient and to then maintain the set-point. We would expect larger power savings when loaded and in use as maintaining temperature is less power demanding than reducing temperature.

It is impossible to predict or forecast actual energy consumption due to the many variables including:


  • Set point combined with outdoor ambient temperature and solar heating effect. The greater the difference between the two the greater the power consumpttion.
  • Chill temperatures use more power than frozen.
  • The volume of goods inside the cold store and the temperature of goods when placed in the cold store. Warmer than set point goods will be cooled to set point and this increases power consumption.
  • The frequency and period of door openings. The more often doors are opened and/or the longer doors remain open the higher the power consumption.
  • Power costs can be reduced by operating with low fan speed where this is practical.
  • The correct de-frost cycle for your use will improve airflow efficiency and reduce power use.
  • Good internal air circulation will similarly help keep running costs as low as possible.


The vast majority of our fleet are TK Magnum plus or Daikin LXE10

TK Magnum PLUS from -40°C to +45°C or -40°F to +113°F

TK Magnum PLUS from -40°C to +45°C or -40°F to +113°F

TK ULTRAFREEZER -40°C to -65°C or -85°F to -40°F

TK ULTRAFREEZER -40°C to -65°C or -85°F to -40°F

DAIKIN LXE -30°C to +45°C or -22°F to +113°F

DAIKIN LXE -30°C to +45°C or -22°F to +113°F