TITAN Bed Bugs Extermination How to kill bed bugs description

Kill Bed Bugs and Insect Infestations

Eradicating bed bugs and other infestations from clothing, furniture, fabrics, and even cars without chemicals! Bed bugs can be much more than a simple irritation. High levels of infestation can often result in skin rashes and other unpleasant experiences.

We have experience freezing many fabrics including the following household items:

  • All types of indoor and outdoor clothing.
  • All furniture with fabric content, curtains, mats, and carpets.
  • Modern books and other documents - not antique!
  • Bags, shoes, and suitcases.
  • Mattresses, cushions, pillows, and all forms of bed linen.
  • Jewellery, pictures, and play toys.
  • Electronics - not LCD/plasma screens.
  • Cars and boats - not below anti-freeze rating.

Let TITAN Kill Your Bed Bugs and Carpet Beetles with -30°C

To have success, you need to get rid of bedbugs from everything at the same time.

With an ArcticStore refrigerated container, we can freeze all your belongings, large and small. To be 100% effective, TITAN will set the temperature to -30°C. Once you have loaded your belongings, it will be frozen for four days. Thereafter, the storage will warm up to +15°C for one day, and then you can collect your belongings.

For your information and consideration:

  • Where possible, possessions should be in large bags/boxes.
  • Cars are only frozen to the level of your anti-freeze and with the battery removed.
  • Most products can be frozen without causing damage, but please exclude any products containing fluids.

Bedbugs in Hotels


We are providing a global extermination service and are expanding to all suitable sites. This includes France and the United Kingdom where cases have been more prominent in recent times. We can also deliver the portable cold store to your premises - please note that this service requires a 3-phase 380/440V power supply.