ArcticStore portable cold store reefers

23-07-2015 - 19:31

10', 20' and 40' user friendly, reliable, power efficient and hygienic refrigerated storage containers for hire and sale


Easy opening doors, flat floors, internal lighting and personnel alarm. Available for short and long term hire. Compared with typical older technology reefers the power savings may even be as high as 75%! 


ArcticStores are perfect for storing everything that needs accurate reliable temperature control between -40oC and +30oC. The many user friendly attributes will give you and your staff an improved working environment and better economics through reduced power consumption and the positive ergonomics through ease of use.


Health and Safety conditions with an ArcticStore are greatly improved contra normal reefer containers (new or old) and all ArcticStores include internal door release and in the unlikely event this fails a man trap alarm can be activated with red beacon and siren outside of the container!


The correct door handle height and easy opening doors protects users from backache and encourages correct use of the conainer cold stores. Internal lighting improves user safety inside the container.


Wide operating range

The operating range is between minus 40oC to plus 30oC for the majority of the 380/440V 3 phase cold stores. 220/240V single phase options are available in some markets and have alternate operating parameters.


This wide operating range and 3 different sizes there is an ArcticStore to suit almost all applications from event catering to long term storage. The 1-hand door opening and internal air curtains guarantee minimal heat gain when the doors are opened every 10 minutes or only once a day. Recovery to set-point is extremely fast when the doors are closed again. (See note #1 below)


Fast delivery


ArcticStores are available for same day delivery in many locations for emergency use in case of breakdown or other damage to existing chill and frozen cold rooms/stores.


Aluminium floor

Flat anti-slip aluminium floors permit trouble free use of all wheeled material handling material and we supply purpose built ground to floor door ramps. The floor is easy to keep clean and the internal panels are food grade stainless steel.







#1 -  In locations with warm/hot ambient temperatures and especially with high humidity the pull down effect is so dramatic that a short term strong vacuum is created in the container. This can temporarily result in an apparent failure of the internal safety door release. As the pressure is equalised the internal door release will function normally.