Covid 19 vaccine storage containers

we have solutions @ minus 80C / minus 112F

It is becoming apparent that many of the pioneer CV-19 vaccines require -80°C / - 112°F cold chain storage and distribution solutions

updated 19th October 2020 - work in progress. thank you for your understanding

UltraFreezer ORIGINAL

Specification minimum temperature -65°C/-85°F @ ambient 50C/122F

Already delivered to vaccine stakeholders we can see perfect temperature performance at effective constant -65°C.

Under certain circumstances we believe that this model will go lower and possibly as low as -70C. Special circumstances include a low working ambient temperature and possibly only in 20' containers.

Our UltraFreezer's include health and safety features including escape hatch, dayglow emergency signage and alarm beacon/siren.

UltraFreezer ORIGINAL set-point -65°C/-85°F performing September 2020

Whilst -70°C is "only" an extra 5°C/9°F this is challenging!


TITAN have been working together with our refrigeration and container suppliers. In recent testing the results were satisfactory, reliable -70C storage can be realised!

UltraFreezer 2020

Specification minimum temperature -80°C/-112°F @ to be specified °C ambient

In a controlled test environment a reliable and constant -70°C environment was maintained. Computer simulations strongly suggest -80°C will be realised at forthcoming new pro-type testing. At this time -80°C might be limited to 10' and 20' containers.

Further container design work improving insulation values and air leakage is being rushed to completion for follow up testing.

Provisonal earliest supply date in any volume is currently estimated at late December

New controlled testing in mid-november. Thank you for your understanding

Temperature variance with ambient

It is inevitable that when opening the storage container doors there will be temperature gain with much hotter ambuient air entering the cold zone. This is potentially highly damaging to vaccine stored close to the doors and topmost in the container.

TITAN expect to offer an effective user friendly solution where this is required.

UltraFreezer SuperStore

For large volume storage the UltraFreezer SuperStore solution has many advantages including:

  • Improved floor utilisation - you can store more!
  • Improved product accessibility
  • In-built redundancy through multiple refrigeration units
  • With anteroom to reduce heat gain when opening external door(s)

The model showing to the left is operating at -40°C/-40°F.

-80°C/-112°F SuperStore is expected to be available from January 2021.

Arctic UltraFreezers are with SmartArctic remote control and monitoring

“The Best performance in extreme cold”

Working safe in extreme cold temperatures with the best protection is what Tessuto International does as leading producer of Coldstore and Freezer clothing. For 30 years we provide our customers with certified standard and customized clothing so you can wear the right protection in temperatures as low as -65°C. The complete product range includes protective workwear from head to toe. As we also produce in the Netherlands we have advantages in supply chain and speed.

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