ArcticStore goes XXL

In June ArcticStore delivered their first 37 pallet capacity portable cold store to a customer. ArcticStore have combined traditional 3 pallet wide body technology with know how from the container industry to both improve the product including wider temperature settings (-35c to +30c) and lower running costs whilst also significantly reducing the investment costs and therefore the final cost to the customer.

Layland Barker, MD for ArcticStore explained “we do not believe that these European manufactured 3 pallet wide units are the best solution for extra cold storage space. For certain customer applications they are of course the correct solution for their particular requirements, however, container cold stores offer far better financial results for many of our customers.” adding, “we can offer 2 x 40’ container cold store solutions (capacity 40 UK pallets) for approx. 70% the cost of a 3 pallet wide 37 pallet portable cold store. Delivery and collection transport is far less expensive and 2 of our new technology refrigeration machines have similar power consumption to the most typical machines used on 3 pallet wide cold stores. Customers have the added advantage that they can save money and maintain 50% of the storage capacity by turning off one of the container cold store when not in use or by returning 1 of the containers if not required for a period of time.”

“Container based portable cold stores are more robust, fork trucks can be used for loading/unloading goods, they do not require the same ground preparation and can often be delivered much faster than wide body cold stores.” Layland continued with “I am certain that many years ago the 3 pallet wide cold stores were cost effective solutions. That situation has changed and today container based portable cold stores offer real and significant savings to users. For those customers where 3 pallet-wide is the best or only solution we will of course be happy to service these requirements with our new model.”

For further information please see fact sheet or visit or call 0208 362 1444