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<h3><span style="color: #aaaaaa;">Cold Stores<br />-40&deg;C to +45&deg;C<br />-40&deg;F to 113&deg;F</span></h3>

Arcticstore ➔

Cold Stores
-40°C to +45°C
-40°F to 113°F

<h3><a title="USA rental modular cold rooms" href="../../us/refrigerated-cold-storage-containers-hire-sale/rental-modular-cold-rooms-freezer-chiller">Superstore ➔</a></h3>
<h3><span style="color: #aaaaaa;">Cold Rooms<br />-40&deg;C to +45&deg;C<br />-40&deg;F to 113&deg;F</span></h3>

Superstore ➔

Cold Rooms
-40°C to +45°C
-40°F to 113°F

<h3><a title="Portable blast freezing and rapid chilling" href="../../us/refrigerated-cold-storage-containers-hire-sale/rapid-chill-blast-freezer">Arcticblast ➔</a><br /><span style="color: #aaaaaa;">Rapid Chilling<br />Blast Freezing</span></h3>

Arcticblast ➔
Rapid Chilling
Blast Freezing

<h3><a title="Ultra cold shipping and storage containers" href="../../us/refrigerated-cold-storage-containers-hire-sale/ultra-cold">Ultrafreezer ➔</a><br /><span style="color: #aaaaaa;">-40&deg;C to -65&deg;C<br />-40&deg;F to -86&deg;F</span></h3>

Ultrafreezer ➔
-40°C to -65°C
-40°F to -86°F

The ArcticStore range of refrigerated storage and treatment products are market leaders.

Extremely reliable and very cost efficient running together with great user friendly attributes including flat floors, easy opening doors with internal door release, lighting and panic alarm save users serious money through lower power bills and improved ergonomics.

The health and safety attributes improve customer workplace HS&E compliancy.

We can supply with R134A, R404, R452A and CO2 refrigerants. Our standard R404A machinery is 100% compatible for later change to EU compliant R452A refrigerant.

Standard power: 380/440V - 3 phase -50/60HZ. Alternative power supply can be catered for.

Assembly of an Arctic SuperStore

The anatomy of an ArcticStore


We also offer a limited number of standard 20' and 40' refrigerated shipping containers for hire and lease.


This business is limited to certain markets.

EU environmental legislation restricts the sale of old used refrigerated containers due to refrigerants and/or insulation blowing agents. Non EU compliant containers may only be sold outside of the EU or for export to outside of the EU.

ARCTICSTORE™ Allocation for New Zealand

11-05-2020 - 00:25


Zany Zeus Cheese Factory

23-08-2019 - 01:40

TITAN's flew in from all over the world to undertake stage one of the Zany Zeus factory Arctic SuperStore project.     

New Arctic SuperStore Installed in Christchurch

17-05-2019 - 03:20

Part one of two 4-bay Arctic SuperStores for a grocery importer and distributor.

ArcticStore videos Affordable, efficient and really user friendly

07-10-2017 - 11:18

See the ArcticStore range of refrigerated solutions for all types of produce and products

ArcticStore portable cold store reefers

23-07-2015 - 19:31

10', 20' and 40' user friendly, reliable, power efficient and hygienic refrigerated storage containers for hire and sale   Easy opening doors, flat floors, internal lighting and personnel alarm. Available for short and long term hire. Compared with typical older technology reefers the power savings may even be as high as 75%!   

SuperStores - open plan cold stores. Seeing is believing!

23-07-2015 - 18:06

Our unique 20' and 40' SuperStores are modular with easy and effective on site construction they supply fast and affordable large scale storage capacity where containers are simply not big enough! Standard and bespoke models delivered in 6-16 weeks! From 25m2 for 20' and 56m2 for 40'.

saving money through Power efficiency

23-07-2015 - 13:30

Container insulation values and modern technology refrigeration ensure minimal power consumption. The addition of air curtains, easy to open and close doors (on most models) and non-heat generating LED lighting add to the power savings. 

ArcticBlast - Blast freezing and rapid chilling

23-07-2015 - 13:25

ArcticBlast 5: Fruit and vegetables heat loss approx. 1°C per 20 minutes for 20 tons. Fatty meats from +5°C to -18°C core tempertaure in around 1 hour per ton, lean meats take a little longer. Fish and shellfish are similar to meat. Smaller models for lower volumes. Blast'nStore; Blast freezing/rapid chilling combined with SuperStore storage and holding areas. 

Arctic UltraFreezers for Tuna and much more. Range from -40°C to -65°C

23-07-2015 - 13:15

Minus 65°C is extremely cold and there are naturally only limited products that need temperatures lower than -40°C. Tuna and some other fish species are best stored at these ultra low temperatures in order to preserve that ‘just caught’ freshness. Other products include pharmaceuticals, cultures, vaccines, medicines and of course there are scientific and cold testing applications.

ArcticReefer New refrigerated shipping containers

23-07-2015 - 12:28

TITAN also supply standard 10', 20' and 40' refrigerated shipping containers for hire and sale as well as a range of special models including dual temperature zone storage containers and DNV refrigerated containers for offshore transport of food and supplies to the oil and gas industries as well as exploration and survey missions.

Used refrigerated shipping containers

23-07-2015 - 12:23

Hire and sale of 10', 20' and 40' new and used refrigerated shipping and storage containers

130°C range from minus 65°C to plus 65°C

23-07-2015 - 11:00

Almost everything that needs temperature control can be stored in an ArcticStore product from TITAN Containers. Fresh, frozen and even ultra cold or very hot are all possible with one or more of the product range.

Useful accessories to make great even better!

23-07-2015 - 10:31

Enhance your experience with TITAN Containers range of accessories to refrigerated container models.